Romney’s, Cantor’s economic and Tax Plan will follow Mitts Bain Capital experience; Lie’s, Lie’s, Loot and Privatize; increase Profits for the 1% and higher taxes for middle class.

6 Apr We Resist

Lies, Lies, loot and privatize; after that you can try and survive, by your own means. Government will no longer have a lending hand for you just a prayer and kick in the ass. That appeared to be the general mantra of the tea party and its Republican allies as they gear up for the General election. No place or rest for the weary, the tired, the poor, the ill, the elderly or the poorly educated, no palms for the holy even as Easter nears, it’s all just business; don’t take it so personal!

Total wealth and corporate domination of our lives why not that is what worked for Mitt Romney, but of course he was born into it. Is that really fair and a level playing field? Can you reach your dream?  Demanding your Government ask for assistance from the Oligarchy, for jobs, health care, retirement, education, and social programs by raising taxes on the rich to equitable levels with the middle class isn’t that fair and just! But it is not going to happen. Paul Ryan will see to that. His new budget planned rolled out and fully supported by your new presumptive front runner for the republican presidential nomination Mitt Romney will see to it! It raises taxes on the working class and slashes taxes on the wealthy further exasperating hopes of a more just and level playing field.  A total society of who you know or who you blow winner takes all vulture capitalism. Everybody will have more opportunities to try (as Romney so amply puts it)  but a level playing field, equality and a real chance to play at par is not going to happen your chance at success is nil; Romney s frequent assertion that Obama thinks of government not business, as fueling economic growth is just nonsense the president has always supported and agreed that the private sector should drive the  jobs  market but when they don’t or won’t as has been the more recent experience; when they neglect there social responsibilities and put profits and greed before the people’s well being and the social contracts of justice between public duties and a sense of fair play dissolve, when private sector responsibilities fail; that’s when and what a government is for; protection from the oppression of the majority by the wealthier and more powerful interests of the minority the 1% oligarchy and its Corporation Dominated Base.

As Romney, Cantor and conservative Republicans attack current economic numbers, they are planning a full scale attack of lie’s, lie’s, loot and privatize. There model; Romney’s vast experience with the predatory business practices from his years with Bain Capital. Lies, Lies, loot than Privatize, after that you can try and survive; but on your own. That appears to be the general mantra at the tea party and there new found leader of the Republican Conservative Cause Mitt Romney presumptive nominee for the Presidential election in 2012! As a venture Capitalist with many years under his belt, as a corporate looter and leverage buy out specialist earning Millions along the way. The leader and spokesman for the 1% elite now and has been hiding those assets in several off shore accounts and foreign nations. He is attempting to use the ethics exception to limit disclosure of his Bain Holdings and other assets.  His vast experience at slash and burn corporate takeovers where companies are cannibalized and assets sold off and in turn used as leverage for other takeovers is a platform that the Republicans are planning to use in there economic plans for our future economy.

The Lie’s lie’s loot and privatize attacks on American Social Programs and Safety nets are moving forward. Their legislative attempts to privatize everything by cannibalizing programs, absorbing there tax revenue and assets and than turning the responsibilities and networks over to the private sector to reap huge profits. Repayment for their electoral supporters and brethren of the Oligarchy that have in good faith been blockading Jobs and Investments in the economy as an attempt to sway the 2012 elections by sinking the economy or slowing its growth rate. Its devastating expense and effects have fallen on the hard working middle class and seniors getting ready to retire. As he did with Bain Capital Romney will in economic similarity bankrupt all the social programs stripping them of all revenue sources and value and reap billions in tax revenue dollars. He can then use those tax dollars to promote more republican Privatize programs and reduce some long term debt. There by balancing the long term debt on the back of middle class workers and seniors trying to retire, but no longer with any safety nets or social programs. I firmly believe that this is also an attempt to see to it that chauffeurs are full enough to wage another war of Middle East expansion. Romney’s slash loot burn and privatize plans will have altered Social Security and Healthcare as you know them so that they are no longer government social programs as they are today and will be managed and offered by the Private sector with plans and vouchers of vast inequity with little or no regulation and by no means affordable. None of this will create more good paying Jobs just more huge profits for the Oligarchy. As the right wing moves to slash wage and job protections more and more of your life will fall into the control of your employer. The Romney defense; it’s just private enterprise, the free market system of creative destruction doing its thing, some fail so others can succeed, Similar to his plans for the Auto industry. Is that democracy? That’s great if you are now one of the succeeding 1% which is the current disproportionate distribution of wealth under that current process that has followed us through the Bush years. Luckily the President wisely had other plans for the auto industry like government intervention in saving the jobs of 100 of thousands of hard working men and women who would have been left to survive a Romney leave you on your own not so free enterprise plan!

Making the wealthy more wealthy hasn’t worked before. The trickle down pennies of the bygone Reagan era never worked and lowering taxes further on the rich just leaves them billions of dollars more for them to invest in those stock and fraudulent investment market schemes. All the more for Goldman and Sachs, Bank of America, the Rothschild’s and investment bankers around the nation the real power (to big to fail) will have more assets to scam and scheme up never ending derivatives plans none of which creates products or high paying jobs; outside the investment industry of looters and scam artists. But all that increased wealth will add more demand for maids, gardeners, waiters, waitresses, fine dining, clothing shop owners and fancy automobiles. So all you sales people get ready, there will be a 100% commission job coming to a neighborhood near you with no benefits and all the stress. You will be able to find all your much needed  health and social services promptly and for sale in the private sector. As Romney’s economic plan has scourged the Health care system, the social security system, the oversight committees, pharmaceutical regulations and protections and all other remaining benefits and safety programs environmental and otherwise have been looted and re-invented as private for profit enterprise. Lies, Lies, Loot and Privatize the new economy! Vulture capitalism will be coming to State House near you as your state leaders and representatives follow suit cutting social programs, environmental protections, regulations, civil liberties, civil services teachers, fireman, social workers and job protections such as your right to work and anti-union legislation such as collective bargaining fall by the waste side.

Romney voluntarily jumper in on the right wing onslaught attack on Women’s rights as there vulture capitalism spills over into social programs such as ending Planned Parenthood funding, the affordable care act health plan, and raising cost and ages on seniors preparing to use social security. Pushed by their right wing allies Rick Santorum along with the Tea Party  activists and Governors around the country they are  making full on assaults on women’s and workers’ rights with continued anti-immigration, anti-contraception, intolerance, person-hood, corporation hood, women’s privacy violations and there continued attacks on internet privacy and information freedom. Romney signs onto a Ultra-right wing platform to secure his position as the Front Runner and representative of the 1% in the up and coming 2012 General election. Hold onto your seats because you’re not going to be able to afford any new pants if this guy gets a hold of your economy everything but your ass will be up for privatization! You hate wealth redistribution well you’ll really hate this as Conservatives continue to redistribute wealth to the 1% in record dollars as corporations post record profits workers post lowest earnings. Does that work for you? See you May Day in the streets General Strike No Work, No School, No Business as usual.  99% We Occupy Everywhere already, Organize; Use it or Lose It! Ω


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