1 May

Dr. Steve Best

Green Hell: Breeding Suffering and Death for Profit

On April 28, in Montichiari Italy, at 16: 15, in broad daylight, amidst a crowd of over 1,000 protestors, the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) of Italy broke into the compound of Green Hill laboratory animal breeders and liberated 27 beagles. It was a bold, brazen, defiant, act; but it was also risky and dangerous. And while some (animal) prisoners were freed, other (human) prisoners were taken. To understand their motivation, one must understand the banality of evil that unfolds day after day, hidden from sight, in the grim buildings of Green Hill.

Green Hill breeders is owned by an American firm, Marshall BioResources. Marshall is the largest breeder of dogs for the vivisection industry in the world, and one of its standard “products” is the “Marshall beagle” Not known for compassion or mercy for the innocent and defenseless, beagles are singled…

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