Earth First News! Justice in Namibia: Kudu Kills Poacher in Self-Defense! Arm the Animals against Mans Longest War of aggression! Stop the Slaughter

8 Jul

A little Wild Justice always makes my day. Even though this was only a single act of a brave Kudu, and a minuscule counter to the ever-escalating human war on animals, it is an exquisite example of micro-resistance, such as animals unleash on humans everyday throughout the world.

But let us never fantasize the animals can liberate themselves through just attacks, counter-aggression, and defensive violence;. The longest and most barbaric war ever — the human war against animals — must become a two-sided war. Animal liberation can only be achieved when enough humans say Ya Basta! and destroy the destroyers by any means necessary


MURURANI – A 44-year-old man was killed by a kudu that he was trying to kill with an axe at Mururani village, south of Rundu, on Saturday. The man had caught the kudu in a wire trap.

Police Deputy Commissioner Willie Bampton said the deceased was identified as Johannes Wihinda, a resident of Mururani village. One of the trapped kudu’s horns penetrated the left side of Wihinda’s chest while he was trying to bludgeon it to death. / We Resist!

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