Malcolm X’s Letter From Mecca

25 Feb

Renegade Expressions

Malcolm X, Where is Mecca? The center of the earth. Saudi Arabia. What is the Hajj? Pilgrimage to Mecca.

Malcolm X needs no introduction. You have heard the name. You have seen the pictures, read the quotes. Some might have even read the books & seen the movie. Most people know something about Malcolm X. Most of us have developed an opinion of Malcolm X that’s suits us.(We do this with all great characters throughout history.) Often times this opinion is shaped by the (mis)information that is made available to us. I can almost guarantee that the Malcolm X you were introduced to, is not the same person that was killed in the Audubon Ballroom on February 21,1965. More than likely the Malcolm you were introduced to, ceased to exist after his Pilgrimage to Mecca in September 1964. The Malcolm X you were introduced to was a puppet for Elijah Muhammad. Some might say a borderline racist. A man that believed that Elijah Muhammad was infallible. A…

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