Hung parliament

16 Mar

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by Nick Wright

We face the prospect of a hung parliament.

This could be the fourth election in a row that the Tories fail to win a majority of seats.

The notion of a party winning a majority of votes cast, let alone a majority of those eligible, lies beyond the wildest imaginings of all politicians and commentators.

In purely functional terms this is a debilitating failure of the political system and a crisis of legitimacy for both the parties and their favoured electoral system.

The conditions that created the post war scenario of two massive and broadly equal electoral blocs able to command the overwhelming majority of votes between them has vanished.

In 1951 the two major parties commanded 97 per cent. Today, they poll up to two thirds but, measured against earlier standards of voter loyalty, ‘command’ even less.

In January just about half of that portion of…

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