Free Khalida Jarrar!

5 Apr

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khalidacampaign (1)by Susanne Kemp

Khalida Jarrar, a leader of the struggle for Palestinian national liberation and member of the politbureau (central leadership) of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, was snatched in the early hours of Thursday morning (April 2).  Dozens of soldiers from the Israeli occupation of the West Bank kicked in the door of her home in Ramallah, held her husband in another room and arrested comrade Jarrar.

She was initially held in Ofer Prison, an Israeli detention facility on the West Bank, where she refused to eat or drink.  She was subsequently moved to HaSharon prison in Israel.

In part this was payback for her successful resistance to an attempt by the illegal Israeli occupation to expel her for six months from the city last August-September and in part because of her effective political work as part of the PFLP in resisting the occupation itself and…

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