Victory over fascism

8 May

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A historic joint statement of the Communist Parties of Britain, Russia, France, Germany and United States of America. 8/9 May 2015.

May 8/9 2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the victory of freedom over fascist tyranny in Europe. It was achieved by an alliance of the peoples of the Soviet Union, Britain, USA, France and the communist-led resistance forces across Europe, China and south-east Asia.

The toll was on a scale never experienced before. Soldiers died by the million, but it was civilians who bore the greatest losses. The bestiality of the Nazis and their allies has left its stain on human history forever. Every school child can link Hitlerism to what is today, maybe too simply, described as the “Holocaust”. In the Soviet Union and among the Jewish communities of the Baltic States and Eastern Europe, in particular, tens of millions of innocents perished. These systematic killings across Europe…

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