Pimping for Israel: Lady Gaga, Madonna and Dionne Warwick

19 May

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Airheads for Israel: so much for Gaga's 'radical' pretences Airheads for Israel: so much for Gaga’s ‘radical’ pretences

by Philip Ferguson

The Israeli state was built upon the dispossession of hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of Palestinians.  The Palestinians forced to flee the country at the sharp end of terror from the murderous repressive forces of the new exclusivist, Zionist state largely ended up as impoverished refugees in camps in Gaza, south Lebanon, the West Bank and other nearby areas.  It took several decades for them to recover and start to build their own politico-military movements to fight for their liberation, through the establishment of a democratic secular state covering the whole area of Palestine/Israel.  This would be a state in which Palestinian, Jew, Christian, atheist and anyone else would have equal rights as citizens.  The left-wing of the Palestinian movement, most especially the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, argued that such a liberated society would be…

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