Pioneers of Socialist Art Paul: Signac, Steinlen, Morbelli and Bellow

19 May

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Paul Signac

Wednesday 20 May 7pm

First in an illustrated Marx House series looking at aspects of visual culture, the labour movement and the left

Pioneers of Socialist Art Paul Signac, Steinlen, Morbelli and Bellows

Christine Lindey has taught art history at Birbeck and University of the Arts. She studied art and art history at Camberwell School of Art, Edinburgh College of Art and the Courtauld Institute.

Her fields are nineteenth and twentieth-century art and she is currently writing a book on art and socialism. She writes art criticism for the Morning Star.

Her books include: Superrealist Painting and Sculpture; Twentieth-Century Paintings: Bonnard to Rothko; Art in the Cold War: from Vladivostok to Kalamazoo; Keywords of Nineteenth-Century art.



Au temps d’harmonie (L’âge d’or n’est pas dans le passé, il est dans l’avenir).

Start at 7pm. Register at the door. (£3 per session) or in advance at

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