Stokely: A Review of ‘Our Premier Interpreter’ of Black Power Studiez

28 May

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*This essay was initially slated for an ill-fated special issue of The Black Scholar Journal.  It was submitted in November of 2014.  i would want only to add that much of what i argue here would also be my argument as to why no mention of Ture (even Stokely!) appears in the film Selma (2014).

Stokely: A Review of ‘Our Premier Interpreter’ of Black Power Studies

by Jared A. Ball

“Now what if I could have heard Stokely Carmichael yelling ‘Black Power’ for the first time? I write rhymes to the rhythm of my heartbeat, pretending these high-hats is shells dropping to the street.”
Skipp Coon

Peniel Joseph once upon a time proclaimed himself the “father of Black Power Studies.”1 Though he has now rephrased that to “founder” the initial paternalism in the original claim cannot itself be scrubbed from Joseph’s continued approach to…

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