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28 May

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image The latest mass anti-water tax protest, Dublin, Saturday, April 18

by Philip Ferguson

While the class struggle is at a record low in this country, in Ireland significant sections of  the working class in the south began battling in the aftermath of the financial sector meltdown there against attempts by the Fianna Fail/Greens coalition to impose austerity on them.  The anti-working class measures were stepped up when the Fine Gael/Labour coalition took power: they have tried to impose household and water taxes on the population, as well as cutting benefits and pensions.  Colluding with these enemies of the working class have been most of the trade union leadership.  There is now real hatred in working class communities for the Irish Labour Party and for many of the trade union leaderships, leaderships who have done their damnedest to obstruct and prevent the working class fighting back.

images (2)As long-time revolutionary Cork city activist…

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