Danger! Tory Trade Union Bill

29 May

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by Carolyn Jones

The Trade Union Bill announced in the Queen’s speech holds few surprises. We knew it was coming. The Tories and their big business friends don’t like “third party interference” in the labour market. To them unions are a hindrance – and a popular one at that! So the Conservatives hope that by tying unions up in ever more restrictive laws, unions will fail to deliver their promises to provide a voice in the workplace and to protect workers’ rights.

So what’s the Tory plan of attack?

First they came for the strikers.
As John Hendy QC has quite rightly said, collective bargaining without the right to strike is collective begging. Not surprising then that the first target of the Tories is to further restrict our right to take strike action.

By demanding a 50% turnout threshold in a ballot and an additional 40% yes vote requirement in…

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