Labour must change course

6 Jun

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End Austerity

by Robert Griffiths

MOST CONTENDERS for the Labour Party leadership are falling over each other in their rush to disown the mansion tax and sing the praises of big business, the European Union, military spending and a new Trident nuclear weapons system.

One could be forgiven for thinking they are running for a seat in the Tory Cabinet. Only Jeremy Corbyn is putting the case for taxing the rich and the capitalist monopolies, investing in public services instead of privatising them, building more council housing, taking energy and the railways back into public ownership, repealing anti-trade union laws and rejecting Britain’s costly, immoral and useless weapons of mass destruction. He also takes a more sceptical view of the anti-democratic, pro-austerity, pro-privatisation, anti-trade union and increasingly militaristic EU.

A Labour Party campaigning for these kinds of policies would enthuse not only many of its core, loyal supporters. It could also begin…

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