Rage Against The Machine-Man

6 Jun

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The Soul of the East

The central role that technology plays in modern man’s life leaves him often all too indifferent or oblivious to those who would use that same technology to subvert society and control entire populations. Modern man needs his smart phone not only to conduct business transactions and communicate with distant loved ones, but also to watch the latest funny cat video on YouTube, post messages in Brony chat forums, and download Japanese anime porn. As such he cannot be bothered to notice that CIA-connected companies monitor and record his actions on social media and plant malicious software on his smart phone to gain easy access to all his contacts and movements.

Being tracked, recorded, and catalogued is a small price to pay for the convenience and escapism near-wondrous technology provides to modern man. After all, if he cannot be concerned with the fact that he consumes mediocre food products saturated in chemicals hazardous…

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