Ireland: “the class struggle is the source of the national struggle”

21 Jun

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download éirígí protest in Belfast

The following is a transcript of an interview Basque magazine Ekaitza conducted with the General Secretary of éirígí, Breandán Mac Cionnaith. That magazine can be downloaded here: Ekaitza 

1. Hi, could you briefly introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Breandán Mac Cionnaith and I’m currently the general secretary/rúnaí ginearálta of the socialist republican party, éirígí. I first became involved in Republican activism during my mid-teens in the 1970s. I was imprisoned in August 1981 for a number of years and became re-involved in the struggle again after my release. As well as my political activism, I’m also involved at a grass-roots level with a number of organisations which work to try and address a range of social and economic problems facing my local community.

Brendan Mac Cionnaith Brendan Mac Cionnaith

2. First we need to go back 15 years to the Good Friday agreements which were considered a…

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