The Tyranny of Market Nominalism

22 Jun

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The Soul of the East

In any analysis on Western views of essence/ousia, matter and form, attention must be focused on the difference between Plato and Aristotle. Eastern theologian and philosopher Dr. Philip Sherrard made this point when elucidating the transition from Platonic conceptions of methexis to Aristotelian hylomorphism. In order to shed light on this obscurity, we will review some citations that demonstrate the distinction. In his Metaphysics, Aristotle writes of essence:

That each individual thing is one and the same with its essence, and not merely accidentally so, is apparent, not only from the foregoing considerations, but because to have knowledge of the individual is to have knowledge of its essence; so that by setting out examples it is evident that both must be identical. But as for the accidental term, e.g. “cultured” or “white,” since it has two meanings, it is not true to say that the term itself is the same…

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