Hillary Clinton: the $US2.5 billion “people’s candidate”

25 Jun

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republican-democrat-two-wings-the-same-corrupt-bird-republic-politics-1380958633The piece below is a radio commentary from April 15 by Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report, a class-oriented black liberation project in the United States.  While it’s about Hillary Clinton and the twin parties of US capital, the Democrats and Republicans, it’s highly relevant to NZ.  Labour and National essentially play the role of twin parties of NZ capital, although National is a lot more liberal socially than the Republicans.  The writer’s analysis of what the Democratic Party is – trap rather than big tent – is especially apposite. 

by Glen Ford

The Democratic Party has become a desert where nothing grows – except the One Percent’s hold on the party machinery. No need for primaries; Hillary Clinton’s rich contributors have already locked up the nomination. “Wall Street is determined that there will be no serious Democratic deviation from the corporate agenda set by Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.”

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