Solitary confinement izn’t punishment. It’z torture

3 Jul

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It costs more, it hurts prisoners’ mental health, and it disproportionately affects minority populations

(Photo: A3 delegation at State Capitol, April 17, 2012.)

by Jasmine Heiss

Albert Woodfox sits alone in a cell smaller than the average parking space. Unless it is one of the three days that he gets to stretch his legs in the prison yard, the 68-year-old will likely remain caged in these conditions for 24 hours today. The four walls are solid – save a single small window that looks onto the parking lot – as is the metal door in front of him. His isolation is complete, even from others prisoners in nearby cells. He has spent more than half of his life in this nightmare.

Woodfox – who has the dubious honor of being the United States’ longest serving prisoner in solitary confinement – is just one of an estimated 80,000 people held in…

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