More common-sense on the Greek vote

7 Jul

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This by Steve Mavrantonis writing in the Australian Communist Party weekly, the Guardian.

The referendum solved nothing

Greek voters rejected the proposal of the European Union in the referendum held on Sunday July 5. The No vote was 61.5 % and the Yes 38.5%. there were however 5.5% of “informal votes” which opted for a different solution. In addition, the sum total of those who did not vote, or voted informally, was 41.3%.

The direct result of the outcome of the referendum was the resignation of the leader of the conservative opposition leader, A Samaras, and the announcement that the negotiations with the European institutions and the IMF will continue. As the Guardian goes to press an EU summit meeting has been called in an attempt to finalise an agreement.

The referendum in essence did not solve any of the pressing problems of Greece. The way the referendum questions were…

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