Solidarity with the Greek people against the EU diktat

7 Jul

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Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths today (July 7) issued this statement on behalf of the party’s Political Committee:

The working class and people of Greece have shown great courage and fortitude in voting against the austerity and privatisation measures demanded by EU finance ministers, the EU Commission, European Central Bank and IMF.

  But, despite fine words about respecting ‘democracy’ and the Greek nation, this referendum result will be treated with the same contempt by politicians, bureaucrats and bankers as all the others which do not agree with proposals from the EU Commission.

The Greek people’s defensive salvo will now meet with a renewed offensive on behalf of the Commission, the Eurogroup and the ECB  to impose the kind of anti-democratic, anti-working class and anti-people programme tabled by unelected EU Commission ‘President’ Jean-Claude Juncker.

His final draft on June 28 included sweeping measures of privatisation – the ports, ferries, electricity transmission…

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