Folsom prison strike manifesto and bill of rights 1970

12 Jul

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Folsom prison strike manifesto and bill of rights 1970

In 1970, prisoners protesting about the brutal regime at Folsom Prison, went on strike for 19 days. They wrote the following manifesto and bill of rights in support of their action.

The following manifesto and bill of rights were written in 1970 by inmates at Folsom prison in the United States. They were formulated to support a prisoners strike.

Over 2,400 prisoners organised a strike. They refused to leave their cells for nineteen days, in the face of constant hunger, discomfort, and psychological and psychological intimidation. Their action was taken in protest again the overcrowded, racist, and brutal prison system.

The manifesto is overtly political, and the prisoners called for the end of injustice suffered by all prisoners, regardless of race, colour, or creed. They referred to the United States prisons as ‘Fascist concentration camps’
The prisoners believed that they were treated like ‘domesticated animals’, selected to their bidding in…

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