SYRIZA has turned into its opposite

20 Jul

The “System” holds no future for the People – “the Revolution” does” – Left Wing Books, Blogs, Video’s,


Below is a summary of the latest (July 19) events in Greece from reports from left activists in Syriza:

novote A resounding No vote has been betrayed by Tsipras

SYRIZA has rapidly become a force maintaining the regime of a debtor colony through a Third Memorandum (qualitatively worse than the previous ones). The broad masses feel betrayed and disoriented.

Some still genuinely believe that SYRIZA governs Greece, and is better than any other government. This is a dillusion: Greece is again governed by the troika, which dictates even the details of the legislative procedures and even the minor governmental decisions. The government of Tsipras chose to become an instrument of the troika and a hostage of the old, rotten political system.

This government, assisted by the old political parties, has imposed on the Parliament the adoption of the first series of measures demanded by the troika as prerequisite that proves the…

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