Labour and the TPPA

26 Jul

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by Don Franks 

The NZ Labour party has set down self described “non-negotiable”conditions for signing the TPPA.

Leader Andrew Little said his party supported free trade but would not back the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) unless five “non-negotiable bottom lines” were met.

They are:

  • Drug-buying agency Pharmac must be protected.
  • Corporations cannot successfully sue the Government for regulating in the public interest.

  • New Zealand maintains the right to restrict sales of farm land and housing to non-resident foreigner buyers.

  • The Treaty of Waitangi must be upheld.

  • Meaningful gains are made for farmers in tariff reductions and market access.

To recap – The TPPA is a proposed regional free trade deal between 12 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Negotiations began in 2005 and were supposed to be concluded in 2012, but some issues have been so contentious that agreement has not yet been reached.tppcountries

Countries involved in the negotiations are New Zealand, Australia…

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