Commemoration set for 45th Anniversary of Carl Hampton Assassination

27 Jul

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The Police Assassination of Carl Hampton

On July 26, 1970, Carl Bernard Hampton, one of Black America’s most articulate, courageous and heroic, young leaders was ruthlessly slain by the Houston Police Department’s Central Intelligence Division (CID). At the age of 21, Carl was a tireless organizer who worked day and night to establish People’s Party II[1], a Black revolutionary group modeled after the Black Panther Party (BPP). Armed with determination to see his people free from the oppression, exploitation and degradation by a racist and corrupt system bent on the destruction of Blacks and people of color, he proceeded boldly with his mission. Consistently, he rallied people around the issue of police brutality and murder that was quite prevalent at that time. Speaking with much power and authority, he was able to capture the hearts and minds of the people and therefore, their respect and admiration. Seeing the effects his…

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