1984: Confederate flag of slavery taken down from San Francisco Civic Center – 3 timez!

4 Aug

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by Workers Vanguard

When Bree Newsome pulled down the Confederate flag – the banner of fascist Ku Klux Klan terror, akin to the Nazi swastika – from in front of the South Carolina statehouse in Columbia on June 27, she gave brief, heroic expression to an anger felt far beyond the Lowcountry over the bloody massacre in Charleston 10 days earlier.

April 15, 1984: Spartacist League supporter Richard Bradley climbs the flagpole at the San Francisco Civic Center to rip down the Confederate battle flag.

The young Black activist’s exemplary act of protest recalled a series of events three decades ago, not in a bastion of the Old South ruled by Republican nut jobs, but 2,500 miles away in liberal San Francisco. San Francisco Chronicle journalist Peter Hartlaub recounted in a June 21 posting on his SFGate.com blog that the Confederate battle flag used to fly in the S.F. Civic Center Plaza.

Hartlaub wrote that he’s not sure when the flag “came down for good.” The answer is 1984, when supporters of the Spartacist…

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