Our Enemy the State! Civil-Disobedience the great Delusion has become a Weapon of the State; Order, Obedience Compliance does not Ferment Revolution! It ferments Murder!

4 Aug


When will we learn this basic reality that over and over again this abusive economic and socials system is murdering our young, squandering our lives and crushing our dreams and all for their own profit and Greed. Fear, Debt, War, Poverty, Poor Health Care, Increasing Social Decay these are what we inherit and there is nothing much better planned in the immediate future! Since the end of the seventy’s and the states successful campaign waged against progressive movements, organized Labor and the Radical left; corporate America has been on an all out ” Ad Man” Blitz of Consume Consume Consume Demonize Demonize Demonize at all costs; Work Work Work and all this while they are taking more and giving out less and all along the way the Ad Man says it’s all your fault! A Pitch that Ayn Rand herself would be proud of; You and You alone are to blame for your social dilemma and economic woe’s. You are the Racists, You are the Criminals, You are the millions in the Social Safety Network programs, You You You do you get it yet it all belongs to them. There is an us and them you must see it!  And all  along the way you have to pay to stay there!!! and time after time when the monster shows its ugly face the masses walk away back to their plug ins!

In some off beat way they are right you allowed Unions to be disbanded during the Red Scare you bit down hard on that Capitalist Dream of I am the conqueror and King of my Castle; let me mortgage one. And when that dream went up in smoke who got the blame workers with bad credit, low income family’s who didn’t deserve the loans, workers who couldn’t pay there debts and who got off the hook the Political and Corporate Elite, who developed the scam to begin with. Now your all in debt… and that my friends was the goal an “in debt – indentured society”. Who cannot afford to risk what little they have on making things better “End of Revolution” so they think.

When the war in Vietnam ended you walked off the streets and left your Militant friends who were fighting by your side for social justice while ending the war alone and with out mass support so they lay now slaughtered by the same hands that are slaughtering our young now! State sponsored Terrorism and Murder by undercover agency’s and the para military Police units in your local communities. When the right Wing began cutting education and increasing the social network it never accrued to you that the net was for all the millions of low income workers they were planning to create right here in Amerika; so they could protect and defend there white conservative majority, by reducing the need for low income workers of color who were increasingly immigrants. Do you think improving the immigration system is a progressive platform? Don’t be so Naive; the first thing they will do is regulate that down to a trickle and you’ll need a B.A. to cross the border from the south. Why do think they keep screaming to strengthen the border first. There is and always has been but one position on Immigration for the left No Borders! Now they have successfully developed a huge low wage work force right here 1st it started with women’s right to the workplace and than the huge influx of immigration that they looked the other way on until they had millions of undocumented low wage workers they could enslave with they threat of deportation or imprisonment. Why in there God’s name would they agree to give women equal rights; what were you thinking?  They were thinking millions of new educated and trained workers at 30% less wages. That’s a fact for decades they have been taking advantage of this pushing the mens wages down to close the Gap with women not the other way around just look at the numbers people!  Wages are going down not up for men Women’s wages are stagnant. You are in a Wage Slave economy, nothing has changed over the long haul of the decades, instead of no wage Slaves of color they have a low wages slave economy of ethnic diversity and they are holding them down with Social Upheaval, Fear, Marketing Blame, War on Drugs, the War on Education, Poverty, Racism, Bigotry and Blame and we the people are getting the blame. There are no good vocational and educational choices they no longer teach the working and thinking courses in public schools that were responsible for the socially well informed, slightly privileged, inquisitive youth of the 50’s and Sixties that became the Vanguard of the 60’s and 70’s upheaval. No questions asked is what they want unchallenged obedience. This is without a doubt the strategy developed by the ever increasing Political and Corporate Oligarchy.  little or none of the Cultural and Social Arts from Art to Philosophy are being taught in high schools if they are no emphasis is placed on there value it’s Math, Science, Technology the fields needed to supply the vast Military and health Care Oligarchy and when you don’t or can’t excel in those fields you drop off into that low income pool they have deliberately created. There is nothing else available except there Para Military back up fields law and Order, Military and Medical they are even reducing the number of these classes offered in state colleges little or no Physical education unless you play one of the premiere marketed sports where they can develop huge advertising assets and social control products for your viewing pleasure from your nice quiet well leveraged cell and a cell is what it is.

What really links all these killings together F. Hampton, R. King, E. Garner T. Martin, M. Brown, besides the obvious, Cops and Race…don’t be fooled…. that’s just the way the “state” wants you to view it. White folks against people of color, good cops against bad people, order versus chaos. This is an old establishment trick. Although race plays an integral part that’s not what all these people have in common; that’s what they want you to focus on. It’s somewhat of a false flag, what they really have in common is they are all victims of a failed state order; Dieing Capitalism; The struggle of the state to control the masses of the poor working class people which they have blossomed with their greed to include almost all of us. Whats really at work here, Poverty, Hunger, Low Wages, Poor Living and Social conditions, Bad health Care even Worse Educational Opportunities, Hopelessness, The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Income disparity is almost as great now as when Lenin toppled the Czar; The great hand of the government via it’s par-military state apparatus is reaching out to exert maximum pressure on the streets in hopes of pitting poor people of color against poor white people! Don’t be distracted; although race plays an integral apart because people of color are the first to fall the game being played here is income slavery and oppression! What all these people have in common is they are the sons and daughters of poor working or not working America. Would any of these citizens be dead if they had better lives to start with. This is what happens when a society morally declines it eats its young before it realizes who the real enemy is! Whom they don’t send to War to Die they slay in the streets. Capitalism is a disgusting monster and nothing lye’s at the end for workers but death, debts and misery except for the lucky few. The Gennie is out of the bottle, the Great Dream is Dead it was always a lie the great Oligarchy of Corporate Fascism has arisen from the dusts of capitalism the New Imperialist Order is spreading it’s hatred and oppression world wide. Do as you please Die on your Knees or Fight on your feet I go out the way came in; Kicking and screaming! No I Will Not Comply!

My brothers and sisters this is not business as usual, this is not fun and games this is not mistake after mistake, This is not a ‘lets not elect another do nothing Congress’ lets just vote for another body of fools. If we do we shale be deemed the fools and like every other great society we will perish.  The rise of social and racial injustice is a deliberate act and  indisputable result of a failing Capitalist system beginning its decline.  The deliberate Propaganda and Calculated Lies are violent, brutal and Oppressive, the false justice, the fake Religions,

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