18 Aug

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“Unleashing the Dragons: Black August Los Angeles Program in Honor of George Jackson”
“This program will provide a glimpse into the Los Angeles roots of the Che-Lumumba Club and the Soledad Brothers Defense Committee and some of the unknown workers of that committee.”

“It will also look at the phenomenon of “transforming the criminal mentality into a revolutionary mentality,” as evidenced by “The Field Marshall” of the Black Panther Party, Comrade George L. Jackson, and how that phenomenon looks today.”


Ayuko Babu and Jayda Raspberry

“Ayuko Babu is a long-time community activist, legal and policy expert, and the founder and Executive Director of the Pan African Film Festival (PAFF). He has been a worker in the Black Power and Pan African Movements for liberation for more than 40 years and will share his knowledge and recollections of these movements in Los Angeles.”

“Jayda Raspberry is an organizer…

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