Green Activism in Palestine

28 Aug

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Posted on Earth First! Newswire:
Article by Corinne Pinfold / Earth Island Journal

palestine-green During family Fridays at the Mashjar, parents and children learn about nature together via various fun activities. Photo by Morgan Cooper.

Land is key to the ongoing occupation in Palestine. Wars have been fought over territory and legal battles have spun out for decades over matters as basic as accessing a plot. Despite land being such a major issue, the human cost of occupation means that the environmental cost is forgotten not just by Western outsiders like myself, but also by Palestinians themselves.

The destruction of olive trees has, of course, become almost a symbol of the Israel-Palestinian conflict. The cultural significance of olive branches as messages of peace add a metaphorical layer to the trials Palestinian farmers face when their income and heritage is destroyed. (Read the Journal’s 2002 report on this issue here)…

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