Corrections Corporation of America Acquires Re-Entry Facilities As Private Prison Industry Pursues New Business

3 Sep

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From Shadowproof:


On Monday, Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) announced it acquired four residential re-entry facilities from another private contractor for $13.5 million. According to a company press release, the re-entry facilities each have about 600 beds and were leased by Community Education Centers, Inc. (CEC) to the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections and the Philadelphia Prison System.

CEC is one of the country’s largest private re-entry service providers. The company’s website claims “CEC operates in 16 states and the Commonwealth of Bermuda and provides a full range of therapeutic residential and non-residential re-entry services with a documented record of reducing recidivism.”

However, CEC has come under fire in recent years for deplorable conditions as well as studies that showed inmates that spent time at their halfway houses actually had higher rates of recidivism, contrary to the company’s claims.

An SF Chronicle investigation this past April found a teenage boy died…

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