EU will block TUC policies

15 Sep

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by John Foster writing in the Tuesday issue of Unity! published for delegates at the 2015 Trade Union Congress by the Communist Party

THE 2015 TUC is on course to adopt a strongly progressive agenda for social change, one of its most radical ever. It demands public sector intervention to halt further de-industrialisation, to redevelop social services and address poverty, insecurity and environmental degradation. It calls for democratic control over the economy alongside a free trade union movement.

Delegates know that politically this will not be easy. It will require a massive struggle to defeat the Conservative government. Yet there is another political challenge, in some ways more fundamental, which remains largely unidentified. This is the European Union.

Very little of the TUC’s progressive (and economically essential) agenda is compatible with EU membership.

Public ownership of transport Railways come under the 4th Railway Package which requires further fragmentation of…

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