Rob Griffiths at the TUC on popular power

15 Sep

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by Robert Griffiths writing in the Communist Party’s daily issued to delegates at the 2015 Trades Union Congress

A RECENT TUC analysis confirms that this has been the slowest and shallowest recovery of the eight biggest recessions in almost two centuries of British capitalism.

The prospects for even this minimal recovery to continue is well-nigh impossible when, in order to sustain investment and competitiveness, the strategy of the British ruling class is to rely on relatively low wages, kept down by unemployment and anti-union laws, together with inward investment and slightly increased government infrastructure spending, funded from privatisation sales

Public spending cuts, privatisation and lower corporation tax on company profits are also favourite elements in a strategy which has its central goal the expansion of capital’s profit base – and the restoration of the rate of profit itself.

This is the context in which to understand the renewed drive to…

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