Who will rule whom? Unity! @TUC 2015

16 Sep

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by Andrew Murray writing in Wednesday 16 September issue of Unity! published daily for delegates to the 2015 Trade Union Congress

“THERE ARE decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen”, as Lenin said.

The British labour movement is today at the start of weeks when decades-worth of developments are poised to happen.

On the one hand, Jeremy Corbyn’s sensational election as Labour leader entirely transforms the political situation in the country, placing a socialist at the head of the Party for the first time in decades (or ever, depending on definition).

On the other the Tory government has initiated a legal and administrative assault designed to destroy the labour movement as an organised force in industrial and political life once and for all. This includes, but is not confined to, the Trade Union Bill published this week.

Corbyn’s election brings to an end one set of…

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