Left historical resources online: Labour Monthly, Marxism Today, Anglo-Soviet Journal, The Communist (US)

29 Sep

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Hatful of History

After digging around for some articles from Marxism Today from the late 1950s, I re-discovered a wonderful resource that has fully readable online versions of British and American leftist publications from the mid-1900s. The four main ones that would be of interest to labour and leftist historians would be:

Labour Monthly – a long-running monthly journal edited by CPGB theoretician R. Palme Dutt. Officially it was not a CPGB publication, but unofficially, it carried the Party line set out by Dutt.

Marxism Today – established after the crisis of 1956 to enable ‘discussion’ between CPGB members, the journal was a pretty standard publication under the editorship of James Klugmann. When Martin Jacques took it over in 1977, it marked the beginning of the journal as a lightning rod for the ‘Eurocommunist’ wing of the Party.

Anglo-Soviet Journal – I don’t know much about this journal, but it seems to be…

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