No sign of safety riskz with longterm pot use for chronic pain

1 Oct

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Researchers at McGill in Canada found no serious effects from 2.5g/day

by Jonathan M. Gitlin

While the medical use of cannabis has expanded, there’s little data available regarding its safety. Although the drug has been used (recreationally and medically) by humans going back far into prehistory, it was criminalized by the time researchers began conducting rigorous clinical trials. Consequently, almost every news story one reads about the use of cannabis as a medical therapy contains some variation of disclaimer saying “more research is needed” into the longterm safety of medical cannabis use.

Now a tiny bit of that “more research” has been published in the Journal of Pain. The headline result was that there was no increase in the number of serious adverse events in a group that used cannabis for chronic pain when compared to a group that did not. As the authors point out in the paper, the “lack…

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