Pietro Ingrao at 100

2 Oct

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This reflection from the Verso Books website by Luciana Castellina on Ingrao’s 100th birthday gives an insight into his political and cultural importance especially in relation to cinema.

Luciana Castellina: Pietro’s Story

Luciana Castellina reflects on the 100th birthday of Pietro Ingrao, a long-standing figure of the Italian communist movement, whom the title of ‘veteran’, with its associations to enduring activity and commitment is certainly appropriate.

I still have clear memories of the first time I celebrated Pietro Ingrao’s birthday: it was in 1965, half a century ago, on his fiftieth (which seemed ancient to me, at the time). Not long out of the PCI’s boisterous Youth Federation, Sandro Curzi and I gave Ingrao his first pair of loafers, with a note asking him to be a bit less prudent: ‘walk with the times, walk along with us’.

I can still remember it well because at that time we were in…

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