(Bearded) Socialist at the helm

3 Oct

The “System” holds no future for the 99% – A Revolution does – Progressive Books and Blogs, fah451bks.wordpress.com



by Robert Griffiths

A HISTORIC and decisive battle of ideas has begun in the Labour Party, in the labour and progressive movements and among the population as a whole.

It’s a battle in which everyone on the left must take part.

It didn’t start with the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader. But make no mistake, his victory demonstrates the potential for changing our society fundamentally and for the better.

Do we want our economy and our political system to be dominated for evermore by the interests of big business?

Do we want ourselves and future generations always to be divided between on one side those who have almost all the wealth and power, and on the other a large majority who have little or nothing?

Do we want to leave the solution to periodic mass unemployment, debilitating poverty, poor housing, environmental degradation, inequalities of race and gender, insecure…

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