1968: Soul Power – a New Album That Invokez An Earlier Era of Activism

15 Oct

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GUEST: Rasheed Ali is an award winning musician, artist, and educator.

The year 2014 may go down as the start of a new chapter in the black struggle for equality and civil rights, with the uprising in Ferguson over the killing of Michael Brown. As police continue to gun down Black Americans, many remember past violence of the United States and how another seminal year in history rocked the nation and the world. That year was 1968 and my guest Rasheed Ali, has memorialized the turmoil of the time through music and videos in his new album 1968: Soul Power, which we’re listening to now.

Watch and listen to 1968 Soul Power at 1968soulpower.com

source: http://uprisingradio.org/home/2015/10/14/1968-soul-power-a-new-album-that-invokes-an-earlier-era-of-activism/

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