They cannot discipline us with bloodshed

15 Oct

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by Kemal Okuyan of the Communist Party, Turkey

We cannot let the death to taken for granted. Turkey had discussed the massacre of 1 May 1977 for 40 years. It had to discuss, question and refuse to get used to it.

Maraş, Çorum, Sivas… Roboski, Suruç… When one starts adding three dots or the clause “et catera”, the death becomes ordinary.

They accustom us to massacres and bloodshed.

A society that keeps the massacre in 1977 in the agenda for years is for sure healthier. They target the health of the society through bloodshed. In order to let it be all the more blindfolded and paralyzed…

We must not concede death to become ordinary and taken for granted. Nor can we give way to the attempts to discipline by bloodshed…

Therefore one must not only resist such attempts, but also challenge it.

By being awake and alerted.

Check the statements…

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