KKE briefing for delegates to world communist conference

28 Oct

The “System” holds no future for the 99% – A Revolution does – Progressive Books fah451bks.com



Greece over the last seven years has been experiencing a deep economic crisis, something inherent in capitalism itself and independently of how it is politically managed. Over this entire period, all kinds of political forces have been exercising bourgeois governance: liberal, social-democratic, so-called “leftwing” forces, but in each instance the result was always painful for the people and in favour of the interests of the big business groups.

Since 2008, Greece, a country with a population of 11 million, has seen a 25% reduction fof GDP while- officially recorded unemployment has surpassed 25%, with the highest number of unemployed being between 30 and 54 years of age, at 62.81 %. Flexible labour relations, work without social-security cover and unpaid work are becoming generalized phenomena. Pensions are being cut even more every year and the retirement age is increasing. To a great extent, health and education are being handed over to…

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