Anti-Austerity Protests In Greece Draw Thousands, Police Conflicts

14 Nov

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Greek protests turned violent in Athens Thursday while international leaders discussed the latest round of budget and pension reforms in the debt-ridden country, angering workers who say the changes are unfair. The southern European nation has been suffering under strict austerity measures, such as reduced social spending and higher taxes, for the past five years, and the top two workers’ unions in the nation organized the protests as a way to push back against the ruling government.

The unpopular austerity measures, including pension cuts, budget reductions and deep slashing of social services, were exchanged for cash bailouts from European lenders following a continent-wide recession in 2008 that sunk the euro and sent national deficits soaring. Greece has struggled to recover from its debts, particularly after a second economic downturn in 2011.

The protests drew thousands of people, as…

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