Shot While Handcuffed, Minneapolis Protest Demands #Justice4Jamar

16 Nov

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From Revolution News:

Screenshot from Unicorn Riot’s Livestream Screenshot from Unicorn Riot’s Livestream

Update 10:15 PM: Family members and friends of Jamar Clark are speaking over the PA, as protestors continue to hold space in North Minneapolis.

Update 9:16 PM: The police have moved their cars into a nearby parking lot, likely in order to re group and strategize an attack against the protestors.

Continuous and growing protests are going on in North Minneapolis where police shot Jamar Clark execution style while he was handcuffed. The two officers responsible have been placed on administrative leave. You can click here to watch the protest LIVE, courtesy of Unicorn riot. The shooting happened at 12:45 a.m. this morning, when police say they were responding to a “HELP” call. Local media reported that Jamar was interfering with paramedics tending to a person he was in a…

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