Dialectical & Historical Materialism – The philosophy of Marx

18 Nov

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Red Youth

You may have heard people say that “Marx’s ideas are beautiful in theory, but they don’t work in practice“? It is almost universally the case that poeple who express this opinion have not read Marx – and have little or no understanding of his real philosophy.

At our recent study school, held on November 8 2015, the day after we celebrated the 98th anniversary of the October Revolution, Ranjeet Brar, member of the CPGB-ML gave the above presentation that we now present in video form. We hope it will go some way towards redressing the balance. An outline of the substance of the presentation can be found in the text below.

We felt this was an iportant subject to revisit, as besides revealing the mechainsm of capitalist exploitation, Marx’s truy great gift to human knowledge was his philisophical method, his “revolutionary dalectics“, as Lenin called it…

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