Do Black livez matter behind prison wallz?

27 Nov

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by Shaka Shakur, New Afrikan Liberation Collective

Does being convicted of a crime forfeit all your rights as a human being? Does being railroaded through a clearly unjust, unequal and racist judicial system forfeit your human rights? Guilty or not, I am still a person. I am a human being.

This powerful painting was created on something like a professional painter’s canvas, a piece of white cloth 22 inches square, that we plan to frame and hang on the wall. Maybe the artist will write again and tell us how he was able to do this. The message we see in it is the unconquerable dignity of New Afrikan people, so we’re calling it “We Are Kings and Queens.” – Art: Roger “Rab” Moore, G-02296, HDSP D3-121, P.O. Box 3030, Susanville CA 96127

We need people to understand that the struggle for human rights, the struggle to be free and not murdered by the state or its agents doesn’t stop at the prison gates. People tend to ignore the Fergusons, the Baltimores and such behind the iron curtain of prison and mass incarceration until it’s a riot, slave revolt or a Lucasville that bursts onto your TV evening news programing.

People fail to understand that for decades we have fought the foaming-at-the-mouth racist rural prison guard who clutches tight the wooden club or baton as he bashes your head in or as he…

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