The Forgotten Way Afrikan Amerikanz Stayed Safe in a Racist Americkkka

14 Jan


Jim Crow laws across the South mandated that restaurants, hotels, pool halls and parks strictly separate whites and blacks. Lynchings kept blacks in fear of mob violence. There were thousands of so-called “sundown towns,” which barred Blacks after dark with threats of violence. So in 1936, a postal worker named Victor Green began publishing a guide to help African American travelers find friendly restaurants, auto shops and accommodations in far-off places. by Ana Swanson Washington Post
January 8, 2016



The Travelers’ Green Book, 1960 edition

For African American travelers, much of the U.S. could be a hateful and dangerous place, even into the 1960’s.

Source: The Forgotten Way Afrikan Amerikanz Stayed Safe in a Racist Americkkka

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