Monsters screwing with nature

24 Jan

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Moral Dilimia

In less than 40 years, a relatively small group of farmers has created something the world has never seen before — a billion-dollar industry primarily devoted to breeding deer that are trucked to fenced hunting preserves to be shot by patrons willing to pay thousands for the trophies.
The interstate movement of deer has been linked to the spread of disease. What are we risking for trophies? Robert Scheer/The StarIn April 2012, a tree fell on a fence in Southern Indiana and 20 white-tailed deer bounded through the gap, their tails raised like stark white flags.

One of the deer in the pen had been shipped from a Pennsylvania herd where two deer tested positive for chronic wasting disease, a neurological disorder that’s always fatal to deer and elk and has been found in 22 states — but never in Indiana.

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