Frack You, Hillary!

6 Feb

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How can any environmentalist support Hillary Clinton? How can any environmentalist NOT support Bernie Sanders?

Sanders opposes hydraulic fracturing, known as “fracking,” which is a technique employed by the fossil fuel to extract natural gas. The process frequently contaminates ground water, poisons rivers, lakes, and streams. Fracking causes seismic activity, can trigger earthquakes, and is highly destructive of the environment.

Clinton has no comprehensive, modest, or even discernible, plan to contain and reverse global warming. She collects campaign money from Big Oil, Big Gas, Big Coal, in addition to the millions she raises from her cohorts on Wall Street. She is a bought and paid for mouthpiece for the fossil fuel industries,

Sanders, on the other hand, is leading the fight against destruction of the environment and is no friend of Big Oil or Wall Street.

This is not rocket science.

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