How Many Calves and Lambs Must Die?

8 Feb


How many innocent animals must die before we recognize that what we are doing is not stopping, or even reducing, the Animal Holocaust?

Baby calves, lambs, piglets, are murdered every hour of every day. They are born into slavery, torn from their mothers, abused, tortured, terrified, and slaughtered.




We object, we commiserate, we try to recruit vegans, we educate, we share memes, we post, donate, email, and sign petitions.

Nothing changes. And nothing can change as long as the law permits animal ownership and exploitation. Nothing can change as long as the government protects, enables, and subsidizes the slaughter industries.

Nothing can change so long as Wall Street owns most members of Congress, controls most government departments and regulatory agencies, and whose lobbyists write most of the laws.

The very system under which we live is the enemy of animals. The enemy of change, the enemy of activists in general, and of animal activists in particular.


Source: How Many Calves and Lambs Must Die?


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