The Relationship of Socialism and Animal Rights

19 Feb

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The Relationship of
Socialism and Animal Rights

The Opposition to
Industries Dependent
on Oppression of Animalkind
and Exploitation of Humankind

By Punkerslut

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Start Date: February 26, 2011
Finish Date: February 27, 2011

The Socialist and Vegetarian Ideals

“Everyone knows that the fire from a little spark will increase and blaze ever higher as long as it finds wood to burn; Appeasement is useless, yet without being quenched by water, but merely by finding no more fuel to feed on, it consumes itself, dies down, and is no longer a flame. Similarly, the more tyrants pillage, the more they crave, the more they ruin and destroy; the more one yields to them, and obeys them, by that much do they become mightier and more formidable, the readier to annihilate and destroy. But if not one thing is yielded to…

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