Black Political Hacks Circle the Wagons

20 Feb

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Armory of the Revolution


Many black activists are invested in the status quo. Their positions in Congress, in their communities, and their influence is dependent upon racial division, strife, political battles, and opposition to the interests of black Americans.

So long as African Americans are exploited, underemployed, shot in the streets, and thrown in jail, black leaders in the establishment will continue to be employed and re-elected.

Geriatric black leaders have enjoyed the accolades and praise of their brother and sisters for decades, and are loathe to leave the limelight in favor of younger, brasher, and more radical young activists poised to become the leaders after this election cycle.

There are other courageous black leaders who are unafraid of radical change, and welcome the political revolution that Bernie Sanders is advocating.

African Americans are all too slowly making gains in society. Impediments to equality are ubiquitous in America. Even the most liberal Americans are…

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