Trident: a wasteful vanity project controlled by the USA

23 Feb

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by Nick Wright

BRITAIN’S foreign and defence policy operates like a McDonald’s franchise. The brand and overall strategy is in the hands of the US principals while the operational costs and attendant risks are borne by the franchisee.

The Golden Arch of this policy is Trident — Britain’s “independent” nuclear deterrent — hugely expensive submarines, the construction of which has tied up our most skilled workers in unproductive labour for decades; and missiles, supplied and controlled from the US.

The communications and targeting infrastructure is owned and controlled by the US. Set aside the question of which credible enemy this system actually deters from attacking our island (and for what possible purpose)?

Today, the question raised by the US presidential election is whether or not a British government could deploy — or refuse to deploy — Trident without, say, for argument’s sake, Donald Trump’s say so?

A certain absence of…

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